We built the cellar in 1979 and extended it in 1989, the domain is located on the side of 'Saint Andelain Hill'. The cellar is divided into two parts with the wine-making facility that comprises a pneumatic press and stainless steel fermentation vats which are temperature controlled. Our bottling and packaging operations are done in situ in another area in the winery. To have all the operations done at the domain allows for full control throughout the whole process.

Vinification is carried out in separate parcels in order to highlight the special features of each vineyard plot. The pressing is gentle as not to extract unwanted phenolics. All the delicate operations which involve must wine manipulation are done by gravity. The fermentation takes place at cool temperatures in order to preserve the grapes natural aromatics. The storage vats have an unusual parallelepiped shape, not very high, but allowing a larger surface area for the exchange between the wine and the fine sediment (lies). Clarification is done using bentonite (clay) to remove any unwanted residues in the finished wine.

My wine-making philosophy has always been to produce wines that reflect the specificity of the terroir and that of the vintage. To do so ensure that I respect the family tradition and also the environment I am working with. The wines are widely distributed on the exports markets through respected merchants, some I have been working with for well over 30 years.

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